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Family structure and yahrzeit and burial information
An exception is being made to our policy of not listing living people
on this chart, at the express wish of the particular family.

This chart has a number of observations about Arie Leib and his wife Cirl,
based on an analysis by Jacob Laor of records from Holloszynce and Klimkowce.
These records indicate that Cirl was a Rechel and lead to certain conclusions about where the family lived when.

Gen.öõ Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4 Gen.5 Gen.6 Gen.7 Gen. 8 Gen. 9

Lived in Skalat.
  m. Sure

Gabriel (~1822-1852) and Sara Lived in Husiatyn Schaje died 1844
at age 4
Chana m. Joel Halpern

lived in Podwoloczysk

b. 1881
Killed Czernovitz 1941
m. Freida Hellenberg Chaja 
b. 1884
m. Shimshon David Sirki
Isak ~1887-1889

b. 1893

Lived in Vienna

m. Abraham

m. Isak Siegel

b. Vienna 1919 (grave says 1920)
d. 1987

m. Chaya Leah Gruber

Lived in Jerusalem







Moshe Pikholz (1851-1908)

Born in Husiatyn, lived in Skalat.

m. Chana (Chancie) Muhlrad, daughter of Tobias and Matel Chaje Eidel b. 1874, killed in Shoah m. Mendel Epstein, killed in Shoah Munio 
killed in Shoah
Nechy b. 1896
killed in Shoah
Matel b. 1902
killed in Shoah
Leib b. 1904
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
Sara Beile b. 1876 m. Moshe Liebergal Reizel
Abram Joel
1897-1941 (Shoah?) 
Mathilda b. 1900, m. Zamojre

killed in Shoah

Benzion b. ~1927 - killed in Shoah
Chana b. ~1931- killed in Shoah
Michael b. ~1934 - killed in Shoah
Mendel b. 1904
killed in Shoah
May have had two sons who survived.
Cyla b. 1905
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
Nachman 1878-79
Tobiasz (Tuvia) b. 1882, killed in Shoah m. Fayge Bomze, b. 1883, killed in Shoah Mathilda (Lea Matel) m. Shelomo Bomze

b. 1903, killed in Shoah

Schlojme Leib
Henie Breine
Cyla 1911-98
m. Chaim Dlugacz 1910-98
Son - living
Daughter - living
killed in Shoah
Antonia (Tonka) 1914-74
m. several times
Son - living
Shufka (Sylvia) 1920-2000
m. Edward Berger d. 1997
Daughter - living
Daughter - living
Son - living
Gabriel 1884-84
Eljukim Getzel 1885-1929 m. Sara Stern b. 1882, killed in Shoah David 1908-76
m. Regina Rosenzweig 1914-95
Miriam 1913-2002
m. Israel Reiner ~1903-77
Bronia b. 
killed in Shoah
Chaim b. 1887, killed in Shoah m. Pesa Heller 1890-1968. Sara b. 1911
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
Chana b. ~1924
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah

b. 1894

killed in Shoah

m. Nusen Messing Moses 1920-20
Zalman b. ~1925
killed in Shoah
Chana b. ~1929
killed in Shoah
killed in Shoah
Zalman 1891-1930's m. Devorah Schwartz


Lived in Skalat.

m. Markus Pohorille, also called Parylle.



Lived in Skalat

m. Moses Rosenblatt David b. 1874
Jankew Schlomo b. 1876
Simche 1879-79
Sosie b. 1880
Izak b. 1887
Szeindel Mirel b. 1889

Lived in Skalat

m. Anczel Josef Razenstein Elias b. 1872
David b. 1874
Chane Rachel 1872-75 (I think the birth record is "Alte" by mistake)

b. 1866

m. Beile Swiwe Breine b. 1888
David b. 1892
Gissie b. 1895
SON d. 1897 at birth
CHILD d. 1898 at birth
Nusia 1908-1943 (shoah) m. Aszkenazy
Lived in Vienna
m. Chaje Rosenblatt
Moses Hersch m. Bassie (~1817-1875) Arie Leib m. Ricie Epstein Gicie ~1875-1880
Shoil died 1930's? Israel? Son - killed in Shoah
Son - killed in Shoah
Sophie b. 1881 m. cousin Salomon,
m. William Drucker
Mina Shapiro 1903-96 D'ter D'ter
Claire Kaden 1929-2000
Sara Beile 1882-1966

Lived in NY

m. Louis Feuer d.1924 Ray Brickner
DAUGHTER (living)
DAUGHTER (living)
Solomon 1916-83 SON (living)
SON (living)
DAUGHTER (living)
SON (living)
DAUGHTER (living)
SON (living)
DAUGHTER (living) Arthur 1942-2002
SON (living)
Chaje / Clara 1885-1966

Lived in NY

m. Sam Figur Margie (Malka Chana)
m. Leo Scher
DAUGHTER (living)
Joan 1946-91
Sidney 1922-1993 Sheila 1951-2016
Itte b. 1888
CHILD 1891-91
Oiser ~1841-1893 m. Chaja Dwora Zlotnik Jakob ~1866-1900
Isak ~1872-1882
Salomon b.~1881 m. cousin Sophie

(I believe but cannot prove same man for two wives)

here are two other Szymon who may be this same man.

m. Breine Goldstein Eizig ~1876-1876
Sure Beile d. 1885 Lwow
Berisch b. 1878
Feige m. Salamon Bendje Kleinstein
Lazar b. 1904
Breyne b. 1906 
m. Moses Wilder
Pepi b. 1910
Jeruchem Elio
b. 1881
m. Chawe Fiksel Sime Breine b.1907
Sara Feige b.1908
m. Cire Hencie 
b. 1893
(May be connected to Oiser who died in Vienna a few months before this one was born.)
Jozef Leib 1895-1898
Certel b. 1897
Moses Hersch b. 1904
Taube Freude ~1852-1880

Somewhere in this
family the name Pikholz comes from a woman as Joseph's son Morris was buried as a Levi. 

My own feeling is that Joseph is a Levi and
his wife is the Pikholz. 
See how Henie refers 
to her father on her passenger list.
Looks like maybe 
Nuta (Natan) b. ~1888

Lived in Tarnoruda

Killed in Shoah

m. Mincie Fainstein

Killed in Shoah

DAUGHTER (living?) SON (living)
Nesia - killed in Shoah CHILD - killed in Shoah
Nehama - killed in Shoah
Devorah - killed in Shoah
Liba - killed in Shoah
Cyla - killed in Shoah
Yosef - killed in Shoah
Moses Hersch ~1892-1958

Lived in NY

m. Yetta Nusbaum 
d. 1951
Jeanette 1917-1999
DAUGHTER (living)
Irene 1929-2001
SON m. Frieda
Henie b.~1886 m. Isak Grunspan
m. Bien

lived in Tarnopol and later Proszoma/

(We had previously considered that Jacob was the son of Josef above, but the ages aren't right.)

m. Sabina (Schifra) Winkler Marjem b. 1889
Moses Hersch b. 1890
David Wolf b. 1893
Ozer b. 5 Jan 1895, Bialaskorka?
SON (probably one of those above) "killed by Bolsheviks"
Bassie (may be the same as Bessie below) b. 1898
Elky  1900-1903
Bessie 1901-76 m. Morris Luks 1900-91
Arie Leib (probably born in Skalat) died 1901 at age 72.

He seems to have lived in Holloszynce and later Klimkowce, where his wife's family lived.

m. Cirl (~1832-1885)

Cirl's birth surname appears to be RECHEL, born in Holloszynce.

Josef Pikholz
born Holloszynce or Klimkowce.

Must add illegitimate son Julian and family.

m. Lane Feldman (1853-1885), 
from Zbarazh.
Nachman / Natan
m. Taube Fischlowitz Leontyna Fischlowitz 1896-1914
Cecelia Fischlowitz m.Fischlowitz 1900-1944
m. Devorah Sturmwind 1867-1944 Marta 1907-2002, m.David Schein 1908-1978

Aliyah from Poland 1957.

Jacob Laor b.1948, m. Ofra Hazony b.1949 Ofir b.1974
m. Limor Nagar b.1974
Eden Yovel b.2002
Ori Dawid b.2002
Yuval b.2004
Bar b.2008
Tal (1977-93)
Noa b.1981
m. Nadav Mazliah b.1982
Maya b.2014
Danielle b.1990 
m. Raz Wagner
Moses b. 1877
Roza (1880-1940) m. Max Linden Aryeh 1910-2002
m. Chaya Hirschhorn 1913-1995

Aliyah from Poland.

Shalom b.1931
Joseph b. 1911
Munio (Moshe Michel) 1913-1943
Sara 1883-1889
m.cousin Sure Elke Pikholz, daughter of Getzel Avraham Luser b. 1886
Hersz Getzel b. 1887
Meszulem b. 1891
Chaim b. 1894 m. Gusta Keppel/Goldstein
Marcus b. 1896
Zirla b. 1899
Child b.1901, died at birth
Ester Feige
Pikholz, born Holloszynce or Klimkowce. Lived in Holloszynce
m. Samson Segall, who may have died 15 Tishrei 5675 in Skalat. Natan 
m. Regina
Lived in Strusow. 

One family
now in Israel.

Daughter m. Simon Kopler
Susia (Sonia) 1913-1985 
m. Juda Dryblatt
Natan b.1943 
m. Sara
m. Gal Buzaglo
Gaya b.2000
m. Gay Zilberman
Gili b.2000
Tamar b.1975
Sydzia - killed in Shoah
Hania (b. 1904, killed in Shoah) m. Solomon Dynarski
Israel b. 1871
m. Jutta (Julia) Kahane
Lived in Skalat and Lwow.

Both killed in Shoah

Roza m. Zygmunt Gelb
Lonka m. Zygmunt Haylpern (Karczewski)
b. 1955
Marek b. 1982 Dominik
(mother: Marta)
Marcin b. 1991
~1930- 2008
Maciej b.1968 m. Dorota Zuzana b. 1999
Wilhelm b.1901 - killed in Shoah
Isaac Dawid b. 1876
Salomon b. 1879 - killed in Shoah
m. Lillie
Zirl b. 1886 m. Efroim
Moses b. 1889
m. Syme Friedmann
Died 1920.
Nachman Dawid b. 1891
Itsik died 1843, age 8

b. 1834

Lived in Skalat

m. Wolf Perlmutter

b. 1834-1897

Aron ~1858-59
Jehil b. 1861

b. 1863

Lived in Jagielnica.  Husband's name unknown.
Chaje Blime 1893-5
Mechel 1895-6
Sara b. 1896
Leicie b. 1898
Perl b. 1900
Malcie b. 1901
Nachman Szulim b. 1866
Dawid Ber b. 1868
Mordche d. 1873 (one month)
Leisor b. 1874 m. Rivka Fischbach (we think) Wolf b. 1902
Mechel b.1903 m. Mina Rothstein
Ester Riwke b. 1878
Pessie died 1840-1, age 3
Cirl died 1840, age 1
Abraham Getzel 

We have a Skalat death record for Getzel in January 1887, age 46, who is probably this man.

m. Beile Balin Sure Elke m. Josef Pikholz Born Skalat 1867 (see children above)
(Nachman Hirsch)

m. Fannie

m. ??

(Mt Zion cemetery shows him older, census records show him younger)

Born Skalat

Minnie Born Tarnopol Daughter
Claire Born Tarnopol Son
George (Abe) Born NY none
Yetta (Laurette) Born NY none
Jennie (Jean) Born NY Daughter - living
Daughter - living
Rose m. MAN Schwartz
m. Isaac Pearlstein
b. 1878
m. Schmiel Streicher Getzel m. Chaja Muster family killed in Shoah Munik
Arje Leib b. 1907

(If two descendants marry one another, both appear both as descendants and as spouses.)

 Generation 1
 Generation 2
 Generation 3
 Generation 4
 Generation 5
 Generation 6
Generation 7
Generation 8
Generation 9

This list includes people for whom we know the yahrzeit or the cemetery.  Click on name for grave, on life span for biography.

Name Birth Surname
(if different)
Hebrew Names K/
Yahrzeit Cemetery Life Span
Person Father Mother
Nachman Pikholz           18-19 Iyyar 5625   ~1795-1865
Cirl Pikholz Rechel?         2-23 Tammuz 5645   ~1832-1885
Lane Pikholz Feldman   Binyamin Rosa   24-25 Nisan 5645 Zbarazh? 1853-1885
Wolf  Pikholz     Josef (Lane)   19-20 Kislev 5645 Zbarazh? 1874-1874
Arie Leib Pikholz   Aryeh Leib NAchman Sarah   26-27 Iyyar 5661   ~1829-1901
Syme Pikholz Friedman Sima Moshe Sara Esther   10-11 Av 5680   ~1850-1920
Natan Pikholz   Nachman Josef (Lane)   26-27 Adar II 5711 Warsaw 1875-1951
Marta Schein Pikholz Nachman Devorah   18 Kislev 5763 Kefar Sava 1907-2002
Edward Schein   David Jacob Sara Scheindel   28 Heshvan 5739 Holon 1908-1978
Tal Laor   Tal Jacob Ofra    7 Tishrei 5754  Kefar Sava  1977-1993 
Aryeh Linden   Aryeh Mordecai Roza   20 Heshvan 5763 Hadera 1910-2002
Clara Linden Hirschhorn Chaya Avraham  Pesia    11 Tammuz 5755 Hadera 1913-1995
Sonia Dreiblatt Segal Sonia Nathan Mina L 13 Sivan 5737 Netanya ~1911-1977
Juda Dreiblatt   Yehudah Shemuel     24 Elul 5736 Netanya ~1908-1976
Witold Karczewski     Herman Lonka   19-20 Sivan 5768           -2008
Joseph Siegel   Yosef Shimshon Esther Feige   20-21 Sivan 5705 Mt. Carmel, New York 1880-1945
Lillie Siegel           22-23 Kislev 5725 Mt. Carmel, New York 1886-1964
Simche Rosenblatt   Simche Moses Sara   19-20 Adar 5639   1879-1879
Alte Pohorilles Pikholz Alte Nachman Sara   16-17 Shevat 5654 Skalat ~1824-1894
Josef Pohorilles Paryles   Markus Alte   5-6 Tammuz 5717 Vienna 1869-1957
Klara Pohorilles Rosenblatt Chaja       11-12 Heshvan 5723 Vienna 1885-1962
Nathan Pickholtz   Nachman Hersch Getzel Beile   13 Kislev 5701 MtZion, Maspeth 1869-1940
Fannie Pickholtz   Fayge Avraham     22-23 Teveth 5686 MtZion, Maspeth ~1873-1926
George Pickholtz   Avraham Getzel Nachman Hersch Fayge   24 Adar II 5703 MtZion, Maspeth ~1901-1943
Jenny Mehler Pickholtz   Nachman Hersch Fayge   7-8 Sivan 5741 Sharon Gardens, Valhalla NY 1904-1981
Harry Mehler           16-17 Nisan 5739 Sharon Gardens, Valhalla NY 1900-1979
Phyllis Seavey Mehler       2-3 Shevat 5773 Sharon Gardens, Valhalla NY 1928-2013
Sheldon Chevlowe   Shemuel       20-21 Iyyar 5743 Sharon Gardens, Valhalla NY 1934-1983
Rose Perlstein Pikholz Reisel Getzel Beile   5 Second Adar 5725 Cedar Park, Paramus NJ 1885-1965
Isaac Perlstein   Yitzhak Aharon Israel Michael      9 First Adar 5722 Cedar Park, Paramus NJ 1884-1962
Anne Perlstein Chana Yitzhak Aharon Reizel   10 Iyyar 5724 Cedar Park, Paramus NJ         -1964
Chaje Blime ? (Perlmutter)       Dwora   3-4 Elul 5655 Jagielnica 1893-1895
Mechel ? (Perlmutter)       Dwora   1-2 Tammuz 5656 Jagielnica 1895-1896
Freida Hellenberg   Freida Mordecai Chani   29 Sivan 5731 Kiryat Shaul 1893-1971
Chaja Ellenberg   Chaja Mendel Freida   19-20 Tammuz 5667    1906-1907
Isaak Pikholz Halpern Yitzhak Yoel Chana   27-28 Second Adar 5649   ~1887-1889
Reuven Pickholz   Reuven Avraham Brana   3 Teveth Har HaMenuhot  1919-1987
Chaya Leah Pickholz Gruber Chaya Leah Yehiel Hasia   26 Heshvan Har HaMenuhot  1914-1973
Moshe Pikholz   Moshe       28-29 Kislev 5655?   1837?-1894?
Antonia Raiz Pikholz   Tuvia Feige   14 Heshvan 5745 Holon 1914-1984
David Pickholz   David  Gecel Sara    7 Elul 5736 Vatikin, Netanya 1908-1976 
Regina Pickholz Rosenzweig   Israel  Miriam   20 Nisan 5755 HaYarkon  1914-1995 
Miriam Reiner Pikholz Miriam Gecel Sara   7 Elul 5762 Vatikin, Netanya 1913-2002
Israel Reiner   Israel Yehudah Leib     2 Iyyar 5737 Vatikin, Netanya ~1903-1977
Cyla Dlugacz Pikholz Cyla Tuvia Feige   9 Teveth 5759 HaYarkon 1911-1998
Chaim Dlugacz   Chaim David     22 Shevat 5758 HaYarkon 1910-1998
Sylvia Berger Pikholz   Tuvia Feige   4 Tammuz 5760 Herzeliyya 1920-2000
Edward Berger   Eliyahu Herman Sophia    11 Tammuz 5757 Herzeliyya 1917-1997
Abram Joel Pikholz (Liebergal)   Moshe Sure Beile   11-12 Tammuz 5701   1897-1941
Taube Freude Pikholz           6-7 Adar 5640   ~1852-1880
Sophie Drucker Pikholz Sasha  Arie Leib Rishi   11 Heshvan 5716 Baron Hirsch, Staten Island 1881-1955
William Drucker   Zeev Wolf Zvi Hirsch     15 Elul 5695 Baron Hirsch, Staten Island         -1935
Minnie Shapiro Pikholz Mindel Shelomo Sasha   7-8 Kislev 5757 Baron Hirsch, Staten Island 1903-1996
Morris Shapiro   Yosef Zev     13-14 Kislev 5723  Baron Hirsch, Staten Island 1894-1962
Sidney Kuslansky   Shaul Zalman Aryeh Leib     2 Shevat 5747 Wellwood Cemetery, Long Island 1916-1987
Claire Kaden Shapiro     Mina   23 Shevat 5760   1929-2000
Sarah Feuer Pikholz Sarah Beile Arie Leib Risha   20 Av 5726 Montefiore,St.Albans NY 1882-1966
Louis Feuer   Arie Leib Avraham     20 Av 5684 Montefiore, St.Albans NY ~1885-1924
Ray Brickner Feuer Rachel Arie Leib  Sarah Beile   10 Shevat 5770 Mt. Zion, Maspeth NY 1914-2010
Max Brickner   Meir Moshe     17 Teveth 5756 Mt. Zion, Maspeth NY 1906-1996
Benjamin Feuer   Benzion Arie Leib Sarah Beile   12-13 Shevat 5766   1917-2006
Gertrude Feuer           19-20 Elul 5769   1919-2009
Jeffrey Feuer     Benzion     5-6 Sivan 5774   1948-2014
Lillian Mintz Feuer   Arie Leib Sarah Beile   10 Sivan 5773   1920-2013
Arthur Mintz   Avraham Shaul Yeri Shalom    L 1-2 Shevat 5762 Montefiore, St.Albans NY 1942-2002
Bruce Mintz           10 Sivan 5773   1957-2013
Clara Figur Pikholz  Chaya Arie Leib Risha   20-21 Elul 5726 Cedar Park, Paramus NJ 1885-1966
Samuel Figur   Shimon Mendel     17-18 Tammuz 5717 Cedar Park, Paramus NJ 1885-1957
Margie Scher Figur Malka Chana Chaya Shimon   27 Heshvan 5772 Beth Israel, Woodbridge NJ 1912-2011
Leo Scher           Beth Israel, Woodbridge NJ 1911-1975
Joan Scher   YentaDevorah    Malka Chana   16 Shevat 5751  Beth Israel, Woodbridge NJ 1946-1991
Sidney Figur       Chaya    13-14 Heshvan 5754 Beth Israel, Woodbridge NJ 1922-1993
Sheila Figur           21-22 Heshvan 5777 Beth Israel, Woodbridge NJ 1951-2016
Oiser Pikholz   Ozer Moshe Hersch     5-6 Iyyar 5653 Vienna ~1842-1893
Jakob Pikholz   Yaakov Ozer Chaja Devorah   25-26 Iyyar 5660   ~1866-1900
Isak Pikholz   Yitzhak Ozer Chaja Devorah   12 Kislev 5643   ~1872-1882
Simon Pikholz   Shimon Moshe Hersch     2-3 Kislev 5667   ~1848-1906
Morris Pickholtz   Moshe Zvi  Yosef   L 27-28 Teveth 5718 Baron Hirsch ~1892-1958
Yetta Pickholtz Nusbaum Yenta Leah Moshe Yitzhak   L 15-16 Sivan 5711 Baron Hirsch ~1893-1951
Jeanette Teitel Pickholtz   Moshe Zvi Yenta Leah   26-17 Adar 5759   1917-1999
Irene Goodstat Pickholtz Iska Moshe Zvi Yenta Leah   14-15 Tammuz 5761 United Hebrew 1929-2001
Herman Goodstat           22-23 Teveth 5766 United Hebrew 1923-2006
Morris Luks           30 Av / 1 Elul 5751   1900-1991
Paul Luks           7-8 Kislev 5766   1933-2005
Josef Leib Pikholz   Josef Leib Simon Cire Hencie   21-22 Tishrei 5659 Kozowka 1895-1899

If the name has a yellow background, there is a Page of Testimony at Yad VaShem
A darker yellow background means the person is mentioned on someone else's Page of Testimony.
If the information in the "Killed" column has a grey background,  the person was in military service.
Strusow Sydzia Segall F 1919-20 Natan Segall Regina   1944
Tarnopol Hania Dynes F 1904 Natan Segall Mina Salo Dynarski Tarnopol
Krakow Debora Sturmwind F 1867 Hersch Leib Sturmwind Sara Scheindel Natan Pikholz 1944 Uzbekistan
Zbarazh Max Linden M 1880     Roza Pikholz 1942 Zbarazh
Skalat Nusia Pohorille F 28 May 1908 Nachman Pohorille Beile Swiwe Aszkenazy 1943
Skalat Getzel Streicher M 1903 Schmiel Streicher Ettel Pickholz Chaja Muster 1943 Skalat
Skalat Chaja Muster F 1906 Mordecai Taube Getzel Streicher 1943 Skalat
Skalat Munik Streicher M 1937 Getzel Streicher Chaja Muster   1943 Skalat
Skalat D'TER Streicher F ~1939 Getzel Streicher Chaja Muster   1943 Skalat
Skalat D'TER Streicher F ~1941 Getzel Streicher Chaja Muster   1943 Skalat
Lwow Israel Segall M 1871 Samson Segall Ester Feige Pikholz Jutte Kahane Lwow
Lwow Jutte Kahane F 1870 Wolf Sara Israel Segall Lwow
Lwow? Lonka Segall F   Israel Segall Julia Kahane Zygmunt Haylpern  
Lwow Wilhelm Segall M 1901 Israel Segall Julia Kahane   Lwow
Skalat Solomon Segall M 1879 Samson Segall Ester Feige Pikholz   Skalat
Skalat Bronia Pickholz F ~1925 Eljukim Getzel Pickholz Sara Stern    
Skalat Man Margulies M       Antonia Pickholz ?
Skalat Sara Stern F 1885     Eljukim Getzel Pikholz 1942
Skalat Tuvia/Tobiasz Pickholz M 20 Jun 1882 Moshe Pickholz Chana Muhlrad Fayga Bomze Skalat
Skalat Fayga Bomze F 1883 Simon Sluwa  Tuvia/Tobiasz Pikholz 1943 Skalat
Skalat Regina Pickholz F   Tuvia/Tobiasz Pickholz Fayga Bomze   Skalat
Skalat (Lea) Mathilda Bomze F 1903 Tuvia/Tobiasz Pickholz Fayga Bomze Shelomo Bomze Skalat
Skalat Shelomo Bomze M       Mathilda Pikholz  
Skalat Sure Pikholz F 20 Jan 1914 Moses Liebergall Chanzie Pikholz    
Skalat? Chaim Pickholz M 22 Oct 1887 Moshe Pickholz Chana Muhlrad Pesa Heller  
Skalat? Sara Pickholz F 18 Jul 1911 Chaim Pickholz Pesa Heller    
Skalat? Cyla Pickholz F   Chaim Pickholz Pesa Heller    
Skalat? Rachel Pickholz F   Chaim Pickholz Pesa Heller    
Skalat? Chana Pickholz F ~1924 Chaim Pickholz Pesa Heller   1943
Skalat? Moshe Pickholz M   Chaim Pickholz Pesa Heller    
Skalat? Sara Beile Pickholz F 21 May 1876 Moshe Pickholz Chana Muhlrad Moshe Liebergal  
Skalat? Chaya Eidyl Pickholz F 25 Apr 1874 Moshe Pickholz Chana Muhlrad Mendel Epstein  
Skalat? Cirel Pickholz F 1894 Moshe Pickholz Chana Muhlrad Nusen Messing 1942
Skalat? Nusen Messing M       Cyla Pickholz  
Skalat Zalman Messing M ~1926 Nusen Messing Cyla Pikholz    
Skalat Chana Messing F ~1930 Nusen Messing Cyla Pikholz    
Skalat? Mendel Epstein M       Chaya Eidyl Pickholz  
Skalat? Munio Epstein M   Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Leib Epstein M 1904 Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Moshe Epstein M   Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Nechy Epstein F 4 Mar 1896 Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Child Epstein ?   Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Child Epstein ?   Mendel Epstein Chaya Eidyl Pickholz    
Skalat? Moshe Liebergal M       Sara Beile Pickholz  
Tarnopol Matel Lea {Mathilda} Liebergal F 1900 Moshe Liebergal Sara Beile Pickholz Man Zamojre 1942
Tarnopol Benzion Zamojre M ~1927 Zamojre Matel Lea {Mathilda} Liebergal   1942
Tarnopol Chana Zamojre F ~1931 Zamojre Matel Lea {Mathilda} Liebergal   1942
Tarnopol Michael Zamojre M ~1933 Zamojre Matel Lea {Mathilda} Liebergal   1942
?? Son Pikholz M   Shoil Pikholz     ?
?? Son Pikholz M   Shoil Pikholz     ?
Pschadowka Nesia Pikholz F   Natan/Nuta Pikholz Mincia Fainstein   1943 Skalat
Pschadowka Husband M       Nesia Pikholz  
Pschadowka Child ?     Nesia Pikholz    
Tarnoruda Natan/Nuta Pikholz M ~1888 Joseph Pikholz   Mincia Fainstein 1943 Ghetto Skalat
Tarnoruda Mincia Fainstein F ~1889     Natan/Nuta Pikholz 1943 Skalat
Tarnoruda Nehama Pikholz F ~1918 Natan/Nuta Pikholz Mincia Fainstein   1943 Skalat
Tarnoruda Devorah Pikholz F ~1921 Natan/Nuta Pikholz Mincia Fainstein   1943 Skalat
Tarnoruda Liba Pikholz F ~1925 Natan/Nuta Pikholz Mincia Fainstein   1943 Skalat
Tarnoruda Cyla Pikholz F ~1932 Natan/Nuta Pikholz Mincia Fainstein   1943 Skalat

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