A wise, pure and honest man
harav Shelomo ben Yeshua Adani
A student of morenu harav Bezalel Aschkenazi
and R' Chaim Vital.
Author of
The Melechet Shelomo
He is all pleasantness, a wise man among cedars
One who has suffered and is beloved of Heaven
A hassid of his generation, humble and diligent in his learning.
And I, Shelomo, was asked by him
to identify his burial place.
May you ascend and request mercy
And receive your response
From the One who Dwells in heaven
13 Elul 5751
May his soul be bound in life

R' Shelomo Adani - author of Melechet Shelomo
Among the wise rabbis of Yemen in Eretz Israel.  Born in San'a in 5327 (1567).  When he was four years old, his father moved the family to Eretz Israel. Studied in Jerusalem, Talmud with R' Bezalel Aschkenazi and Kabballah with R' Chaim Vital.  Married and moved to Hevron, where he wrote his major work Melechet Shelomo, one of the most commentaries on Mishnah, which was influenced by his great teacher R' Bezalel Aschkenzi who wrote Shittah Mekubetzet.  He completed his book in 5384 and died a few years later.