The Gaon the Sedei Hemed - R' Hizkiyahu Medini

Rabbi Hizkiyahu Medini - called Hatam - was born in Jerusalem, Heshvan 5593 (1832).
In 5661 (1901) moved to the City of the Patriarchs to serve as Chief Rabbi.  He founded the yeshiva "HaSedei Hemed" in the Romano home. In 5664 he set up an organization called "Ze'irei Hevron" - a school for children.  He - as Moshe - has been described as "a very modest man." He completed his book "Sedei Hemed" (18 volumes) in the Romano home. 
On 24 Kislev 5665 - the eve of Hanucca and the eve of the holy Sabbath - "the angels defeated the highest cliffs" and he was taken to his eternal life, buried among the righteous of Hevron.