R' Suleiman Menahem b"R' Eliyahu Mani

Born in Baghdad in 5610 (1850). Made aliyah with his father in 5616 (1856).  He was a student of R' Shelomo Eliezrov, the Rav of Hevron and the son-in-law of R' Moshe Perrera.  In 5629 he served as Rosh Bet Din of Hevron and the right hand man of R' Hizkiyahu Medini.  In 5665 he was appointed Rav of Hevron and was Rosh Yeshiva of "Maaseh Nissim."  In 5662 (1901) he published his father's book Siah Yitzhak.  Under his influence the hospital "Hessed leAvraham" ("Beit Hadassah") was built.  He was very active in the development of the community.  
Died 9 Elul 5684 (1924) and was buried in the Reishit Hochma section.