"The Lord is a God of vengeance, 
God of vengeance come forth."  

My beloved husband
The father of our children - may God avenge his blood -
And beloved son to his parents.

[following five verses are an acrostic of his name]
"My soul is always in my hand and I have not forgotten your Torah,"
"Let my soul live and it shall praise you, and let your judgements help me,"
"The wicked have laid a trap for me, but I have not strayed from your commandments,"
"Happy are those whose ways are blameless, who walk in the Torah of the Lord,"
"I will never forget your commandments, for with them you have given me life."

A man who did much for Torah and mitzvot
Beloved by heaven and the creations
He fully loved the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.  

The martyr R' Netanel Ozeri - may God avenge his blood 
(ben R' Shimon Hy"v and Orah - she is more blessed than women in their tents) 
Who gave his life and his strength 
and built his home in the Land of Israel in Judea
With remarkable devotion.

Fell in sanctification of God's name
Murdered by evil people on Friday night 
15 Shevat, parashat Beshallah 5763
May his name be bound in life