Killed by evil people on the road from Kiryat Arba to Jerusalem
On erev Shabbat, parashat Nitzavim-Vayeilech
24 Elul 5771
"They were loved and dear to each other in their lives and in their deaths they were not separated." 
Here lies buried the sacred child
YONATAN ELYAH may G-d avenge his blood
Born 28 Elul 5770

Yonatan - beautiful to behold
And full of the joy of life
He gave everyone around him
Happiness and love

Born with a smile on his face

Here lies buried the martyred father
ASHER HILLEL may G-d avenge his blood
ben Michael and Malka
Born 30 Tishrei 5741
Asher - Pure and honest and G-d-fearing
Spoke the truth and avoided evil
Conducted himself with modesty and goodness of heart
Beloved by all
Dedicated to his family and to those around him
Loved the Land and did much for her
"The L-rd is God of vengeance"
"Those who have shed their blod, I have not acquitted"
"Earth, do not hide his blood"