"She opened her mouth in wisdom 
and the Torah of kindness was on her tongue."

Our beloved and devoted mother and grandmother
bat Avraham
Michelson z"l

Born on the holy Sabbath 19 Sivan 5681
Made aliyah 4 Elul 5749
Died in Kiryat Arba which is Hevron 
on Shabbat Chayei-Sarah 27 Heshvan 5764

"A God-fearing woman, she shall be praised."  

May her soul be bound in life. 

REVERSE SIDE: Bertha Michelson
19 Sivan 5681 - 27 Heshvan 5764
Louisville Kentucky
Kiryat Arba Hevron

"Walks in innocence, acts justly 
and speaks the truth in his heart."

Our beloved and devoted husband and father
Dov Berl
ben Emil Yaakov 
Michelson z"l

Born 11 Adar 5677
Died 22 Adar 5745

"And he came to Hevron" 

May his soul be bound in life.  

REVERSE SIDE: Bernard Michelson
11 Adar 5677 - 22 Adar 5745
Louisville Kentucky.