From GESHER HAHAYYIM, Chapter 28
b) In earlier times, most people did not engrave or write [on the stone] the name of the deceased at all (according to the words of Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel in Talmud Yerushalmi Sheqalim Ch. 2, whereby we don't label the stone of a righteous person etc because there is no need to remind people of his name), except certain well-known families who did engrave or write the names of their deceased ...but for the last several hundred years, everyone engraves [the names of the dead] on the gravestones.  Today, we know of only the holy city of Hevron where the custom was always not to engrave or write the name of the dead on their gravestones. (And a person who visits a grave needs the shamash to show him the grave, according to the written records.)