Sadie Rosenbloom's death certificate - 1 May 1916
Sadie died on 1 May 1916 and is buried in Mt Carmel Cemetery, NY.  Her death record shows that she was 23 years old and had lived in the US - in New York - for five years.  Her father is listed as "David Rosenblum" and her mother as "Yetta Lichtman."  We know her to have been significantly older and according to Rose's passenger list she was in the US significantly longer.  And part of the time in New Jersey.  Her father's name is Israel David, not David.  Sadie is called "Rosenblum" on her death certificate, despite the fact that she was (or had been) married to Zisal Lichterman.  She is listed 
as "married." The death certificate is unusual in that there is no space for spouse's name nor is there a space for informant, and in fact we don't know who would have provided any personal information here.  The anonymous informant seems to have been quite unreliable!  The mother's name "Yetta Lichtman" is clearly in a different handwriting - an interesting point whose significance I cannot determine.